Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Herky-poo!

ha! ok, i wasn't serious about this at all - i am NOT a crazy cat lady ..anymore. (i just couldn't help it when he was a kitten) - i mean, seriously!

wook at doe-s wittle paws... and da widdle face! ok i'm done.

but most of the things i do in life have one goal in mind - to freak chris out.
i love it! and i do it oh so well.

it starts off with a "kate." strong and firm.
"what?" i ask, playing it coy.
"kaaaaatie." still in his manly man voice.
"come onnnn, its cuteee (or insert appropriate adjective)"
"oh jeez.. you know you're nuts, right?" voice getting softer..& with a sigh he says "that's my katie."

and thats why i love freaking chris out. it gives me a tingle in my butt.
Besides.. i absolutely LOVE to hear Rory squeal like a piglet for her nummies.

happy 2nd birthday to my first born, my fuzzybuns!