Saturday, November 13, 2010

I met Bakerella!!

This made my day. When I heard Bakerella was coming to Jersey I couldn't resist.. especially only 40 minutes away. I planned to go with a friend from Ramapo but when she couldn't make it, i shook off my cold feet and decided to just go. So off I went to Short Hills.. got a little lost and my tank was almost on empty.. but I made it!

By the way, that mall is pretty darn nice. They had anthropologie and a pottery barn, so its safe to say I wasn't bored waiting around. About 30 minutes before the event I decided to make a trek to Starbucks.. and who did I see in the hallway? Bakerella! What do i do? Awkwardly approach her! lol (what else could you expect from me? haha) She was so sweet and even remembered my name from a comment I left on her blog.

The signing was actually really fun. I met a bunch of really nice people in the line that have blogs and we exchanged a few links. She gave a little talk about the book and stuff - I never went to a book signing before, but it was really fun!

She even got my humor when I asked her to do her signature "awkward smile/wave" pose lol

Too much fun. I must do this again.